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Lucha Fury - Cutscene 4  

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Cutscene made studio Punchers Impact studio for the game jeu Lucha Fury.



Lucha Fury - Cutscene 3  

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Cutscene made studio Punchers Impact studio for the game jeu Lucha Fury.



Lucha Fury - Cutscene 2  

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Cutscene made by Tokkun Studio for the game Lucha Fury (Punchers Impact).


Army vs Aliens (part 2)  

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Here an other 2D illustration made for the game Army vs Aliens available on Android.

Horse Star  

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Roughs and covert art packaging made for Horse Star.

Secret Project  

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 2D Illustration made for Virtuos Games.


Secret Project  

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Roughs and illustrations made for a secret project of Virtuos Games. 


Army vs Aliens  

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Landscape made for Candy Box Studio for the game Army vs Aliens avalaible on Android.

Spong Bob  

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Illustrations Fake Screen made for Virtuos Game.



Lucha Fury  

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Illustration fake screen 2D made for the game Lucha Fury.
Lucha Fury is a Beat'em al game and is avalaible on XBLA and Iphone.

Thormaë illustration  

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Illustration made by Tokkun Studio for White Laser Games (THORMAË project) and Looki. is a free online game in a fantasy world.

Tokkun Studio ( created for Total Immersion a story board for an augmented reality project.

Tokkun Studio - Relentless  

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Tokkun Studio ( created for Space Cowboys a color animated illustration for the game Relentless.


Tokkun Studio ( created for Virtuos Games a color story board and rough animatic.

Tokkun Studio ( created for Virtuos Games color illustrations and roughs.

Tokkun Studio ( created for Virtuos Games one color illustration.

Tokkun Studio ( created for Virtuos Games characters for Generator Rex.

Crasher - Steam  

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Tokkun Studio ( created for Punchers Impact concept design of vehicules.

Tokkun Studio ( created for the Agency IRM this little promotion animation WebSales Booster.


DeathMonsters - XBLA  

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Tokkun Studio ( has worked on artworks for Birdies Road on the game DeathMonsters - Xbox Live Arcade.

Tokkun Studio ( has worked on artworks (backgrounds) for Punchers Impact on the game Lucha Fury - Xbox Live Arcade.

Monster Jam - Artworks  

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Tokkun Studio ( has created for Virtuos Games 4 artworks.

Tokkun Studio ( has created for Gameloft this logotype vectoriel.

Tokkun Studio ( has worked on cover art for Ultimate Spider-Man Iphone (GAMELOFT).

Tokkun Studio ( is extremely proud to collaborate on the creation of the environments for the next release from the video game company Punchers Impact, currently titled Project Lucha. Here is a first glimpse at three environments, as seen on Joypad; we will be offering another insight into our work on this assignment very soon!