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Animation is a fascinating domain and so complex that a self-taught approach is almost impossible. So Julien Noël will lead you, step by step, trough the necessary rigging and skinning stages before creating along with you, a walk animation with character for real time.

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Kiwitiki & Japanese Learning are still avalaible on Iphone !
Try lite version !

New Logo  

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Tokkun Studio logo has undergone a facelift!!
We present it to you until the coming of the new website.

Do you like it?

["FREE BRUSHES And You" Competition]

As you already know, Tokkun Academy offers brushes used by talented and recognised illustrators!

We hope you enjoyed it and we would love to discover the work you made with, that's why we are launching the contest "FREE BRUSHES And You"!

To participate, just send us an example of the illustrations you've done with those brushes.

The top three works will win the DVD of their choice.

You have until March 20 so let's brushs!

Send your work at

To download free brushes, follow this link!


Internal Project  

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Illustration made by Tokkun Studio for internal project.

Tokkun Studio announced that our game Slash Monsters is released on iOS (iPhone / iPad) and Windows 8, coproduced with Fishing Cactus and published by White Laser Games.

Tokkun Studio ( is celebrating its fifth anniversary andthank you for your trust. Tokkun Studio has also decided to offer a little dedication shownto members with the highest score graphic identity or technical society in recent years.

Bravo to them for their talent and hard work every day.


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Tokkun Studio ( announces its new project Balroth: And the dead will be judged (iPhone / IPAD / Web) on his blog Indie. To learn more, click here!

For four years now, Tokkun Studio ( has been compelling recognition in the video game and cinema industries as a reputable partner for various companies worldwide (Warner, Gameloft, Ubisoft, Virtuos Games, etc.).

The complete Tokkun Studio ( team is now very happy to announce the launch of a first blog dedicated to our subcontracting services, and welcomes you to keep track of our studio's latest news.

We are also happy to disclose the impending publication of a blog dedicated to our internal productions, and also to announce a new multi-platform license for Tokkun Studio.

Stay tuned to keep track of our company's latest news in the field of video games and cinema!